Choosing The Best Pressure Cooker

There are different types of cookware and pressure cookers in the market. The different types of pressure cooker are made using different materials such as aluminium, commercial grade, and stainless steel. Electric pressure pressures are also becoming more popular in the modern days. Most of the homeowners prefer stainless steel cookers since they are made from high-quality material, and they have a modern appearance.

Apart from the additional features of the different components, the quality of the material is one of the most important factors. It is, therefore, critical to know the type of material used in making the product that you intend to buy. These are some of the important factors that should be considered when selecting a pressure cooker for your kitchen

Material used

You should choose a pressure cookeMaterialr made from high-quality stainless steel. Stainless steel is made from a combination of nickel and chromium in varying proportions. High-quality steel is resistant to rust and is very durable. The quality of steel used in making the pressure cooker is indicated at the bottom. For instance, you can have the label indicated “18/12” stainless steel. This indicates that this steel has 18 percent chromium and 12 percent nickel.


A combination of nickel and chromium has the following advantages

  • Shine: Nickel plays a significant role in increasing the protective layer formed by chromium. It also helps in adding shine and gleam
  • Corrosion and stain resistance: Stainless steel is free from corrosion. The best stainless steel should have a chromium percentage of at least 10.5 percent

Pressure indicators

A good pressure cooker should be capable of reaching a pressure of 15 psi which is the standard pressure for the pressure cooker. The chosen pressure cooker should be capable of indicating the pressure reached when cooking is in progress. Besides, you should choose a pressure cooker which has a quick return mechanism for regulating the pressure. Most f the modern pressure cookers are designed with this mechanism which makes them very effective in lowering the pressure inside your pot without losing any heat.

Size of the pressure cookerthe pressure cooker

The size of the pressure cooker chosen is determined by the available budget, storage space and the number of portions which you prepare more often. Also, remember that small foods can be cooked using the large cooker but not the other way round.

Accessories and warranty

A good pressure cooker can last for several decades. You should choose a brand which will provide you with the various accessories and pats of the pressure cooker. Some of the important replacements parts include the pressure regulators and indicators as well as the gaskets.

Safety features

Some of the safety features are pressure release valves. These features are helpful in venting the excess steam pressure during cooking.…