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What You Need to Know About Shopping Addiction

Someone suffering from shopping addiction may not realize that it is a compulsive disorder. Many shopping addicts do love the 24s cashback because it offers a great discount for the stuff they want.

The Behavior

Branded Stuff Some people hide purchase receipts and credit card statements with loved ones after a long day of shopping at the mall. Meanwhile, others admit they went on a hunt but claim the exact amount they spent is a trick, or they lie to everyone and say they spent a large amount of money. Shopping addiction can be related to a specific garment, accessory manufacturer, or product line. However, some shopping addicts cannot avoid spending their money not only on clothes, shoes, jewelry but also on food, and other forms of material goods such as real estate.

Many shopping addicts ruin their relationships because they lose control of their shopping behavior. Compulsive shopping or shopping addiction is considered a mental health condition. In the mind of the shopping addict, shopping is directly related to pleasure. Almost all signs of this type of addiction are emotional, although some physical symptoms may indicate this. Someone who is already heavily in debt and experiencing a worsening fiscal situation may or may not know that there is a problem to be solved.

The Addiction

Emotional distress resources are identified, along with expert guidance, and the sufferer is allowed to break the vicious cycle of spending and shopping. As mental health experts point out, people can develop a shopping addiction because of the feeling of pleasure associated with the actions. A shopping addict is a person who constantly seeks out the pleasurable feelings caused by a particular activity when performing those actions. One report states that 10-15 percent of people tend to develop addictive behaviors.

While shopping is an essential source of pleasure and enjoyment, you may be a compulsive spender and either reckon with debt or feel threatened by it. The compulsive shopper is extremely susceptible to this spell woven by marketing professionals; guilt and desperation trigger the need to shop to numb those feelings. But you don’t need to know your emotional triggers to know if you’re a compulsive shopper, although it can help to stop the compulsion. Managing debt responsibly will keep you from destroying your credit rating, which is perhaps the most important reason to keep your spending under control.…

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How to Manage Shopping if it is Your Hobby

While some people play soccer, go fishing, read books, or collect relics as a hobby, others shop for fun. Shopping can be addictive hence the term “shopaholic.” It is, therefore, necessary for people who consider shopping to be their hobby to establish ways to manage this habit. These are some of the ways to manage shopping if it is your hobby:


shopping budgetShopping is not all bad if you budget for it. Avoid impulse buying at all costs because it will put you in a financial mess. Budgeting will ensure that you only spend what you can afford to. Since you may be tempted to shop frequently, draw a weekly shopping budget as opposed to biweekly or monthly. This will ensure that you spend enough time shopping without depleting your financial resources. Budgeted weekly shopping can also serve as a mechanism for preventing you from becoming a shopaholic which in all essence is a costly habit.

Find another hobby

Having a second hobby will ensure that you don’t spend too much time and resources shopping. A second hobby plays an important role as a necessary distraction to keep you from overspending. It ensures that you get to enjoy your hobby but responsibly. Some of the hobbies that you can use to balance your love for shopping include reading, taking part in a sport, traveling, and painting. Most of these hobbies do not require you to spend money.

Focus on good shopping

buying clothesEven though shopping as a hobby can drain your finances, you can still enjoy shopping by striving to buy only items that you need. This is what is referred to as good shopping because every item that is purchased is bought with the view of meeting a need. Bad shopping, on the other hand, happens when you buy items that you do not need. This type of shopping is the hobby that you need to manage.

Offer to shop for others

This may not be as fulfilling as shopping for yourself, but it can still give you the chance to enjoy your hobby without spending a lot of money or any cash of your own. You can offer to shop for others as a means of managing your shopping hobby. You still get to experience the excitement that comes with shopping all the same.

Turn it into a business

Turning your shopping hobby into a business is possible. You can shop for clothes, shoes, and even electronics and sell them at a profit. This will ensure that your shopping habits result in income generation as opposed to draining your financial resources.

Acknowledge when you are shopping for the wrong reasons

shopMost people get into bad habits because they fail to acknowledge the negative aspects of these habits. Have the courage to acknowledge when your hobby is sending you down the wrong path to take corrective measures before it spirals out of control.

You can use these measures to manage shopping if it is your hobby and ensure that the …