Benefits of Playing Sudoku for Brain Health

Adverse problems are often related to addiction. However, one addiction might indicate a different effect and even hugely beneficial for adults, children, and even elders. It is a sudoku addiction. Sudoku is a simple puzzle but quite challenging to solve. This game is a favorite among the users due to its financial limitations, personal tastes, and lifestyle. 

mental ability sudokuSudoku puzzles are available not only on the Internet but also in books, newspapers, and the Internet. You can also play it in the morning before working or in between your free time. In this article, you can find that it is the advantage that Sudoku games offer more than just food for thought. Besides, there are more benefits to playing Sudoku that can help your health-related to brain and mind exercises. Find out more about the advantages of Sudoku below.

Brain Exercise

sudoku mathAlthough Sudoku puzzles are not math questions, solving them needs the most basic math and logic tools. This game can be a brain rest and does a fantastic exercise. Studies show that if someone has more brain exercise, it can better affect their brain. Some experts say that Sudoku can produce the most active activity in users’ minds, and their brains are healthier. They also point out that Sudoku works similarly to physical training that keeps muscle. In this case, they believe Sudoku exercises prevent brain cells from dying and promote more excellent brain function. 

Compared to studying, Sudoku plays a more significant role than vital everyday learning. Some studies explain that students who use Sudoku as mental training indicate a higher IQ than those who do not regularly play it. In this case, Sudoku helps to develop the ability to understand more complex thoughts.

Mental Ability Improvement

Sudoku is also beneficial to help elders improve their mental ability. One research said that the Sudoku solutions group improved their cognitive skills significantly, while another group indicated no change. Dr. Robertson explained that the same study found that 3,000 people between the ages of 65 and 94 have already improved their emotional abilities and age in about 14 years, with only 10 phases of brain enhancement exercises such as Sudoku.

Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention

sudokuWhen playing Sudoku as a habit, the elder does not only improve their mental ability, but it also helps to avoid Alzheimer’s Disease development. Some experts agree that solving the Sudoku puzzle gives elders better mental age and keeps their memory from losing. It is all possible since this intellectual challenge puzzle can benefit a more psychological work for elders, adults, and children as they age since Sudoku behaves and requires brain effort.

That is why many experts suggest that parents can motivate their children to solve puzzles like Sudoku. It is beneficial to start making psychological progress at an earlier stage of life. Several schools even have used Sudoku exercises to stimulate thinking and improve the academic performance of their students.