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Three Reasons Why Vegan Diet Can Be Your Best Option

Going vegan is not only a matter of trend because it has many benefits that may surprise you. Besides, when many people are already practicing it, and no serious health issues have appeared, then the diet works. According to, one-third of Britons have decided to abstain from meat and dairy products. In the US, 5% of the total population has made the same decision. And if you’ve been wondering why more and more people are joining this positive cult, read below!

Going Vegan Is Healthy

a strong vegan womanWhen people are confronted with the idea of eliminating meat from their diet, they are often afraid of not getting enough protein. However, this is simply a myth. In fact, many vegan products, such as Powerootz, contain plant-based protein that is high enough to fulfill your daily intake.

Moreover, cooking meat produces a carcinogenic chemical that is called heterocyclic amines. The worst news is that no matter what kinds of meat you are cooking, the harmful substance will always be there. And in the long term, too much of heterocyclic amines in the body can raise your chances to suffer from various cancers.

Veganism Saves the Planet

a cow for meat sourceThe criticism on veganism is often about how humans’ consumption of meat has been around for thousands of years. This is indeed a fact, but in today’s context, we get access to meat not by hunting but by buying them from industrial farms. The big difference here is that farms take too many resources from the world and are hardly sustainable. According to Greeneatz, abstaining from red meat alone can reduce your carbon footprint by a half. Imagine if you only eat plant-based meals.

Moreover, farming reduces the biodiversity of Earth significantly. Since profit is the moving generator here, farmers will hardly think twice about turning vacant land into a particular farming field. If this habit continues forever, at the end of the day, all that’s left on Earth will be only plants and animals that have something to do with meat production.

Vegans Have Happier Life

We do not discuss the ethical consideration of abstaining from eating animal meat here because not many people can sympathize with this idea. However, what’s more important than that ethical reason is how veganism can give a positive impact on your life.

A study published in Nutrition Journal discovered that eating less meat or none at all results in arachidonic acid (AA) reduction. This fatty acid is linked with mood disorders. Hence, having less of it means happier you. Besides, if you know that your meal does not harm any creatures, it should have freed you from feeling guilty.…